– Phil "Dirt" Harding

  Strolled down to the nightclub to see what I could see, 
There was women to the left and women to the right of me. 
Well I knew right then and there 
this was surely the place for me to be. 

I see this woman standing by the bar, 
she wore designer jeans and dangled the keys to her Mercedes car. 
well she looked so good I thought she’d must be a movie star.

And I said come here mama talk with me a while. 
You’re the finest looking woman since Queen Coleoptera 
sailed the river Nile. 
So come on baby make me feel all right, 
It won’t take much, just love me for tonight. 
Come on over here baby – talk with me a while.

Well she strolled on over and sat down next to me 
and you know I nearly died when she put her hand on my knee, 
and she said I’ll do anything Phil, but nothing in this world comes for free. 
Comes for free? 

Well I said thank you ma’am but it’s time for me to go. 
I ain’t never paid for loving – leaves you nothing to show. 
I’ve got better things to do with my time and for sure with my dough. 
Go on mama ain’t got time for you. 
I’ve got places to go and people to see 
and much better things to do.