– Mark Wright

  I created a monster – a massive, heartless, machine. 
Laid sleeping for fifty years, now it’s tearing up everything. 
Say you want to raise a hellion? It’s not a hard thing to do. 
Stop wasting time on others. Waste all your time on you.

Yeah, you, and your little monster.

Plunder the village. 
Take every man, woman and child. 
Break the tops off sky scrappers, put all the goodies in a pile. 
Now you’ve got yourself a kingdom where nothing runs, nothing walks, 
There’s nothing there that sings – nothing there that talks to you.

Yeah you. 
Nothing talks to you. 
Yeah, you, and your little monster. 

Now you’ve gotch yo child’ens 
running ‘round calling each other names. 
Starting off early, 
playing monster games. 
You got Nintendo. 
You got a Wii
Mamas too busy. 
Daddy says don’t talk to me.

Yeah you. Oh you. 
He wanna talk to you. 
Oh Yeah, your monster.